As a parent, you want the best for your child’s future. Although most high school students have guidance counselors at school, the school counselors need to take care of so many students, and may not be able to meet your child’s needs. According to the Independent Educational Consultants Association, hiring help is not the privilege of only the wealthy. In fact, about 22% of first-year college students had worked with some kind of private consultant for their college preparation and/or applications.

To help your child to get into top colleges of his or her choice, he or she must be performing at an optimal level for his or her college preparation and college applications. To do so, he or she needs to start early. He or she needs a clear strategy, self-discipline, and firm determination. He or she also needs to seek help and guidance.

We as parents have spent years studying ways to cultivate the talents of our children. We have also done a lot of research finding out the “insider information” about what the admissions officers at the top colleges are looking for and how a student can make his/her application stand out in a competitive environment. As a result of our efforts, many of our students have joined the undergraduate student body at Ivy League Colleges such as Harvard University. In addition, many students have received acceptance letters from other top universities such as Duke University, New York University, etc.

We will help guide and train your child to develop strategies and plans in preparing for entrance into the top colleges of his or her choices. We will use efficient methods to teach your child study and leadership skills that will be valuable to his or her academic and test performance and extracurricular dedication. We will use positive psychology to help your child develop an optimistic attitude and establish outstanding personal qualities.

We will help to train your children to realize his or her full educational potential.