Grade 11

For parents, your child’s high school junior year could be the busiest year during his or her high school career. Your child will need to pay much attention to grades since the college admission officers usually regard the junior year grades as the most recent evidence of your child’s academic abilities and study skills. In addition, junior year is a critical year for your child to build his or her extracurricular profiles for current and future achievements. During the junior year, your child will also need to take a number of standardized tests, including the official PSAT, SAT I, SAT IIs, and APs. With this intense load of academics, extracurricular activities, and standardized testing, your child may be overwhelmed.

Furthermore, your child will also need to think about a list of colleges that closely match his or her personal needs, interests, and aspirations. He or she also needs to develop strong relationships with several teachers who may later write college recommendations.

Helping your child to succeed is critical in the junior year. This includes helping your child with time management and organizational skills, as well as prioritizing tasks. More importantly, you need to be ready to provide help and support to your child so as to keep him or her motivated and energized.

It is also critical that you help your child in a correct and efficient manner. Since your child is at the adolescent age, you must be very patient to your child so as not to trigger a rebellious response, which could result in bad outcomes and setback your previous efforts.

We have gone through all those challenges and difficulties, and we will be happy to provide help and support to you and your child. Please refer to our Service section to learn about how we can help.