Grade 12

We recommend parents of high school seniors to explore and use all available resources to help your child select the right colleges that match your child’s ability and interests. You and your child need to know what your child’s chosen colleges are looking for and how your child can make his or her application stand out in a competitive environment.

During the summer before and the first semester of the senior year, your child will need to shift his or her focus from preparing for college to applying to college. At the same time, he or she needs to maintain a strong academic and extracurricular profile.

If your child has not obtained a desirable score in the SAT test(s), he or she will need to take the test(s) again at the earliest time in the senior year to strengthen his or her applications.

Extraordinary academic record opens the door to colleges for your child, but to get inside, he or she also needs to have unique talents, outstanding achievements in certain extracurricular activities, and wonderful personal qualities.

Your child must also have an exceptional application highlighting his or her strengths and talents that allows your child to shine through.

College application is the accumulation of your child’s hard work for at least three long years. You and your child should take all opportunities in his or her college application to maximize the chances of gaining admission to choice colleges.

We will be happy to assist you in your child’s college application process. Please see the Service section to learn about how we can help.