Grade 9

For parents, we recommend you to take your child’s freshman year seriously. Freshman year is the crucial beginning of the high school career and college application process, so it is important for your child to have a successful transition from middle school to high school, and to build a solid foundation from the very start to ensure his or her success thereafter.

You need to understand that the process of college preparation, application, and admission starts in the freshman year. From the moment your child enters the high school, everything becomes a part of his or her academic or personal record. It is very important for you and your child to develop a strategic plan with goals so that your child’s aspirations, plans for achievement, and choice colleges will be known. If you and your child have clear goals and expectations in mind, his or her high school journey will become much more productive and enjoyable. You will also feel much more comfortable.

We will be happy to help you and your child to plan and take the high school journey. It is never too early to start strategic planning about your child’s college preparation. In fact, early awareness makes a difference; the earlier your child starts, the greater the chance of success. We are here for you. Please refer to our service section to learn about how we can help.