Grades 6 to 8

For parents, you need to understand that the middle school years are the best years for your child to learn and master good study skills and establish good study habits. However, you should not think that it is the school’s responsibility to teach your child everything; as parents, you are also responsible for teaching your child. However, you should not try to mold your child into the type of person that you think what he or she should be like.

Your child’s progress in school will help your child get ahead of the school programs. You should encourage your child to develop talents and interests. You should also use all possible resources to teach your child how to study, why to study, and how to achieve the best of his or her ability, and to help your child learn skills and establish good study habits, such as how to be organized, how to get along with teachers and classmates, how to overcome setbacks, how to balance academics and extracurricular activities, etc.

As parents, you will also need to foster your child’s habit of perseverance and optimism that will be very valuable to his/her success in the future.

We will be happy to help you and your child to learn and master these good skills and to establish good habits while helping you and your child enjoy the three-year middle school journey.