Letter from US

Dear Parents,

Children are parents’ hope for their future. You and your child are bonded together by nature. The success and happiness of your child will influence your happiness and the feeling of fulfillment. Your child’s future will have a great impact on your future.

History has shown that you can exert your influence on your child’s future and parents have taken this great opportunity as their investment for success–the biggest investment in their life: invest in their child’s future.

Getting the best possible education has always corresponded to a bright future. Through education, one is able to gain different knowledge, get ready for many opportunities and attain the power for success. Aristotle said a long time ago, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet…Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.” Better educated people usually have better futures and happier lives than those who are less educated. Therefore, for parents to invest in their child’s future is to invest in their child’s education –to use all available resources to help their child’s education.

One of the most important aspects of providing the best possible education for your child is to help him or her to get into the colleges of his or her choice. However, each year, entrance into the top colleges has become more and more competitive, and the acceptance rates are decreasing. How can you help your child to be among the small percentage of students that these top tier colleges accept?

We believe that if you and your child have the desire to obtain the best possible education and the determination to make your desire become true, you and your child should be able to achieve these goals. Through effective training and strategic planning of academics, extracurricular activities, and outstanding personal qualities, your child will be able to accomplish his or her dreams. After all, the process of preparing your child for top colleges provides great opportunities for your child to learn and grow, and to become a much more capable person.

We have spent years studying different methods to cultivate the talents of our children and help them prepare for top colleges. As a result of our collaborative efforts, both of our daughters have joined the undergraduate student body at Harvard University. We are all very happy. Now, other high qualitiy parents have joined us as happy parents and as our team members because they have also helped their children to get into the dream colleges, and they also want to use their successful educational experience to help other children.

We realize that many parents may have limited time or experience and may desire additional help in building their child’s educational career. Therefore, we hope to use our knowledge and experience to provide dependable and quality educational services to these parents and act as a supporting anchor during the sometimes stressful college preparation process.

Your child has unique talents, characteristics, strengths, and passions that we would like to work with you to cultivate. We will help your child to develop strategies and plans in preparing him or her for entrance into the colleges of his or her choice. We will use efficient methods to teach your child skills for studying and leadership roles that will be valuable to his or her academics, test performance, and extracurricular dedication. We will use positive psychology to help your child develop an optimistic attitude and establish outstanding personal qualities.

We look forward to working with you in helping your child to succeed.

Liming Liu, Ph.D.
LYTS Ivy Associates, LLC