Grade 9

The high school years are critical for students who want to prepare themselves for top colleges. Freshman year is the crucial beginning of this voyage, so it is important for freshmen to have a successful transition from middle school to high school, and to build a solid foundation from the very start to ensure success thereafter.

If freshmen know who they want to become, where they want to go, and how to get there, their high school journey will become much more productive and enjoyable. The process of college preparation, application and admission starts in the freshman year.

Once you have clear goals in your mind and have developed a carefully thought out plan to reach your goals, you can carefully select courses based on your interests, high school graduation requirements, and future college entrance needs. You will identify extracurricular activities that will satisfy your interests and future college entrance requirements. If you work hard, learn the necessary skills, and make achievements, you can also find joy while going through the journey.

We will be happy to help you achieve all of the above. It’s never too early to start a strategic planning about your college preparation. In fact, early awareness makes a difference; the earlier you start, the greater the chance of success. To provide you a better chance for a top college education, we are here for you.