College Applications

The Application/Admission Enhance Program for Seniors

This program is designed to help high school seniors relieve the stress and feel confident in their college application and admissions, and to make their application shine so as to increase their chances of getting into the colleges of their choices.

Seniors, we will help you:

  • Review and evaluate your high school profile, high school transcripts, standardized test scores (SAT I, SAT IIs, ACT, APs), extracurricular activities, honors, awards, and talents
  • Make plans for your college application process and meeting deadlines.
  • Develop strategies to maximize your strengths and find ways to compensate for your weaknesses so as to capitalize on your knowledge and experiences
  • Create an attractive resume to highlight your achievements
  • Identify colleges that match your needs, desires, and aspirations
  • Suggest the topics, format, structure, and content of your personal essay and statements.
  • Review, feedback, and help you edit your essay and personal statements to display your strength of character in your own voice
  • Suggest you how to approach teachers and counselors so as to obtain strongest recommendation letters
  • Help you complete, review and finalize your college applications
  • Prepare you for successful college admission interviews and conduct mock interviews
  • Provide consultation for any concerns that you may have