Before High School

The Service Program for Elementary and Middle School Students

This program is designed for students in the elementary and middle schools who want to use our individualized assistance to maximize their educational potential.

Success starts from good habits. A good beginning is one half of the success and developing good habits can affect a person’s whole life. Since the childhood is the critical period for children to develop good habits, we emphasize the importance of starting early. If we can start early, we will be able to use that time to the student’s advantage to develop good habits and build up confidence to ensure their success in their high school years. We want to help students in the elementary and middle schools:

  • Develop curiosity, creativity and interests
  • Develop good habits and the sense of responsibility and persistence
  • Develop the motivation to learn and get ahead in the class
  • Develop confidence and learn efficient study skills
  • Find and cultivate talents and strength
  • Explore and take opportunities for further growth
  • Plan early for course selection based on interests and long-term requirements
  • Plan early for long-term extracurricular activities
  • Plan early for high school years and future college applications
  • Use positive psychology to develop an optimistic attitude and establish outstanding personal qualities.