The Service Program for Juniors

This program is designed for high school juniors who want to use our individualized assistance in their college preparations and applications in multiple aspects.

Since different students have different needs, some may prefer our comprehensive services to have the roadmap guidance plus more detailed consulting, coaching, tutoring and mentoring so as to reach the goals in a confident way. Others may prefer to have the roadmap guidance then take actions in their own ways. Still others may prefer only consulting services at the time they request. We are committed to help each type of students to achieve their maximum potential.

For juniors who prefer our comprehensive services, we will help you:

  • Review and evaluate current achievements and identify rooms for improvement
  • Identify priorities in your academics and extracurricular activities
  • Develop a one-year and a two-year strategic plans including calendars for testing, course selections, extracurricular activities, summer experiences, community service/internships, and preparations for possible merit-based competitions.
  • Identify opportunities for a number of extracurricular activities and/or science research programs, guide and train for possible merit-based competitions
  • Plan, prepare for, and take the PSAT, SAT I, SAT IIs, and APs
  • Get discount for the services described in the Application/Admission enhance program for seniors