Grade 11

For high school juniors, this year could be the busiest year in your high school life. To college admission officers, your junior year grades are the most recent evidence of your academic abilities and study skills. This year is often the critical year when you have to build your profiles by making significant achievements in your academics and extracurricular activities. During the junior year, you will also need to take a number of standardized tests, including the official PSAT, SAT I, SAT IIs, and APs.

With an intense load of academic courses, extracurricular activities, and standardized testing, it can be quite overwhelming. It is critical that you use your time management and organization skills to prioritize things that you need to do, want to do, and must do in a timely and organized manner. You will need to plan study schedules and structure daily routines to attain your full potential. In addition, you will need to think about a list of colleges that closely match your personal needs, interests, and aspirations. You also want to develop strong relationships with several teachers who may later write college recommendations for you.

With so much work, pressure and stress, it is possible that sometimes you may feel down, especially when you come across a set back such as getting an undesirable score in an important test. However, you must stay positive! You must understand that the high school journey is something like a sport game marathon. To win the marathon, you need to have determination, strength, and persistence.

We will always be here to help you and guide you through any difficult and stressful times. We will help to keep you motivated and organized, as well as help you build your confidence that you can achieve your goals. We will help you to find joy while you are working hard for success.