Grades 6 to 8

The middle school years are the best years for you to learn and master good study skills and establish good study habits.

When you are a middle school student, it is the first time that you are having different teachers for different subject classes. You are required to take class notes, read text critically, take tests effectively, plan your study schedules, and manage your time. You can even start planning your own curriculum so that you can stand out academically in your class. You need to understand that learning these skills early on helps to ensure your academic success for your middle school years and for future years as well.

You will begin to explore a range of extracurricular activities during your middle school years. This gives you the chance to develop your talents and interests, allowing you to find out what you enjoy and what you do not like. You may also start exploring opportunities outside your school for further development of your talents and interests.

You will benefit immensely in the future if you can start establishing good study habits, such as how to organize homework notebooks and text books and how to follow a routine schedule in a way that will be optimum for your learning and future careers. You will also need to learn how to get along with your teachers and classmates.

We will be happy to help you learn and master these good skills and habits while helping you to enjoy your three years of middle school.