SAT/PSAT Tutoring

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Do you want your child to get better PSAT or SAT scores? Does your child have desire to get better PSAT/SAT scores? Is your child’s academic average B or above?

If your answers are yes, our summer PSAT/SAT improvement program is your best choice!

Our effective PSAT/SAT improvement method was tested and proved true by our own children and our students. If your child is enrolled in our program and follows our instructions accurately, we guarantee you your child will achieve his/her improvement goals!

Summer is the best time for students to prepare for taking the SAT/PSAT exams. Lyts College Preparatory Services is proud to offer our SAT/PSAT Tutoring Summer Plan to help your child master vocabulary, ace the math sections, improve reading and writing skills, and learn test-taking strategies in order to achieve the SAT score he/she wants. If interested, please email for more information.

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