The Boston Globe Article: Do colleges redline Asian-Americans?

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The average score of Asian-Americans: 1,623

The average score of Hispanics and blacks: 1,364 and 1,276

The average score of Caucasians: 1,581

Asian applicants typically need an extra 140 points to compete with white students.

There may be an “Asian ceiling’’ at Princeton and other top colleges.

Yale’s class of 2013 is 15.5 percent Asian-American, compared with 16.1 percent at Dartmouth, 19.1 percent at Harvard, and 17.6 percent at Princeton.

In California, where passage of a 1996 referendum banned government institutions from discriminating on the basis of race, Asians make up about 40 percent of public university students, though they account for only 13 percent of residents.

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